Become a Member


Become a Member

Member Benefits

Participate in shaping the future of our profession
Earn continuing education credits by attending MDRA quarterly meetings and workshops
Take part in MDRA meetings for networking opportunities
Share experiences with other reflexologists at quarterly MDRA meetings, events and workshops
Leadership opportunities are available
Participate in Health Fairs and Public Events
Members are listed on MDRA website,
Become a member of a Reflexology Association of America and receive information and updates on policies and opportunities
Receive information on legislative policies impacting reflexologists
Receive member discounts on Workshops and Continuing Education Credits


Professional Member $50.00
Professional Membership requires completion of 300 hours of Reflexology training by a school or person recognized as an authority on Reflexology. One can be certified by meeting the requirements to test by a national non-profit reflexology testing board. Professional members may vote and hold office. Documentation of specific reflexology training is required.

Associate Member $25.00
Associate Membership is open to any reflexologists not meeting the 300 hours of training requirement, a student training in reflexology, a client or other interested person, an agency, a school, a business, a manufacturer, state association, or any other entity concerned about, and desiring to support the growth and development of the field of reflexology. Associate members will be listed on the Website.

Membership Application

To become a member of the Maryland Reflexology Association please download and complete this membership application.

Kim Jenner, Membership Chairman
Phone: 443-797-7659