Board of Directors


Kim Jenner

Kim Jenner, President

This is Kim’s second term as President of MDRA. She feels very lucky to have the opportunity to serve again on behalf of all Maryland Reflexologists. Kim has been practicing reflexology and reiki for 10 years and loves it more than ever! Reflexology changes lives!

Kim is also the Recording Secretary and Legislative Co-Chair on the Reflexology Association of America (RAA) Board until 2017.

Kim has one daughter, two wonderful grandchildren and works full time as a Systems Analyst for Social Security Administration. She has a part-time practice at the Center For Integrative Medicine through the University of MD.


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Tanya Gore, Secretary



Caroline Klem, Treasurer, RAA Delegate, Education Chair

Certified Reflexologist, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies 2006
Nationally Certified Reflexologist, ARCB since 2008
Member of Reflexology Association of America
Member of Maryland Reflexology Association since 2006

Carol has studied complimentary, alternative and energetic modalities extensively.

Jenny Cissa, Director at Large

Jenny enjoys belonging to the MDRA for the education and the friendships of like- minded people. The dedication this organization shows in offering education to everyone is part of the reason she wanted to be on the board. She wants to step into the future with MDRA, upholding the standard it has established at being the best it can be and continuing to uphold the excellent reputation of this organization.

She has always been proud to be a member of MDRA and is excited to work on the board with others to assist in bringing Reflexology into the 21st century as an important modality in the alternative health field.
She graduated from the Baltimore School of Reflexology in early 2008 and from the Cayce Reilly as a Certified Reflexologist in Virginia. Jenny is ARCB certified in 2010, a RAA member and a charter member of the Reflexology Association of Virginia (RAVA).

Pamela Fagleson, Director at Large

Reflexologist since 2010
ARCB-certified since 2012
Gendai Reiki-Ho Shihan (master teacher)
Founding member of Pennsylvania Reflexology Organization
Member of Reflexology Association of America since 2009, professional member since 2013
Member of MDRA since 2012, board member in 2014


Sharon Muranaka, Director at Large