Mission Statement


MDRA Mission

The Maryland Reflexology Association (MDRA) is an independent, non-profit organization comprised of Members and Associates who are interested in advancing both knowledge and interest in Reflexology. The MDRA is not associated with, nor does it endorse any school, institute, reflexology curriculum, or instructor. Our mission is to provide information, education, and communication for Reflexology professionals as well as the general public. We encourage professional standards and provide a forum for local, regional and national concerns.

MDRA History

The Maryland Reflexology Association was established in 1999 by a core group of Certified Reflexologists interested in building a stronger future for professional Reflexologists. The success and continued growth of the association has been made possible by the passion, determination and leadership of its Members and Associates. To date, the organization has over 55 members, an active Board of Directors and two State Delegates, representing Maryland at the Reflexology Association of America.